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Developer are trained by top-tier academics and senior engineers in Google, AWS and Salesforce.

Developers are guaranteed to accept your offer and commit to at least 1 year with your company

Why 1%?

Our promise is that we will find the very best developers across Pakistan. Fewer than 1% of applicants pass our training.


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Reduction in interviewing time

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Get in-depth skills assessment of the top 1% developers

Resumes don’t showcase skills. Get in-depth trainee profiles personally written by SkipQ instructors that objectively assess skills based on a 6-week long assessment! Get engineers' project code and documentation to identify the best developers!

Reduce Time to Hire

We only offer the Top 1% developers. You spend 10x less time interviewing candidates and can efficiently hire a team to work on your product!

Get access to a Consistent Talent Pipeline

New developers become available for hire every month! Organically scale your team with a dependable and consistent talent pipeline.

SkipQ Engineers you can hire

Cloud DevOps Engineers

Developers know how to use Infrastucture as Code to build and maintain a production grade application running on the cloud (AWS). The DevOps engineers use CI/CD to automate multiple deployment stages, write unit/integration tests to continuously deploy the application without human intervention and automate metrics to roll back deployment.


Full Stack Engineer

Developers can build a production-grade web application using MERN stack or related technologies. The engineers know how to integrate SSO, create charts using HighCharts to display metrics, and write unit test cases using Cypress. The engineers can deploy and maintain application on the cloud.


How to hire with us?


Tell us the skills you need

We’ll adapt our training to fit your reqirements.


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Get in-depth profiles of the top 1% developers within days.


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Hire your engineers

Engineers you hire commit to at least 1 year with your company.

Developer’s profile

SkipQ Developer Profile

For each developer, our instructors and coaches write profiles based on a 6-week technical and soft skills assessment.

You also get access to developers' GitHub code and project documentation to help assess candidates beyond just resumes.

Developer Profile

Can my existing developers take the training?

Yes, contact us for details.

SkipQ in the News

I would like to make mention of at least one Pakistani ed-tech/training startup ‘SkipQ’ that has identified this gap [between industry and academia] and developed a successful business model that addresses it. Currently they are focused on meeting the demand for cloud computing skills in the market. They select cohorts of fresh graduates, train them on a tool/ platform and contemporary development workflows for about six weeks. In this time, they bridge the gap between what they know and what employers need them to know, while paying them a small stipend. Those who negotiate the programme successfully have a job waiting for them. This model is working so well that multiple cohorts are pre-booked for hiring by employers.

Ayesha Razzaque, Technical Advisor at Ministry of Federal and Professional Training. Full article available here