Why 1%?

Our promise is that we will find the very best developers across Pakistan. Fewer than 1% of applicants pass our training.

Who’s hired SkipQ graduates?

Our developers have been hired by Roomy.pk, Xgrid and Emumba. This is what they are saying:

"Xgrid provides a range of secure cloud infrastructure, devOps, cloud native application development and cloud operations services to top startups and Fortune 500 companies. SkipQ has significantly reduced the pain of hiring skilled software developers. While fresh graduates generally don’t know cloud or related concepts (e.g. CI/CD), SkipQ trainees were skilled in these topics. We hired all 3 SkipQ trainees we interviewed and would love to hire trainees from SkipQ’s next cohorts!" - Saad Arshed, COO - Xgrid.

"Roomy is a rapidly growing hospitality logistics tech SaaS company based in Islamabad. We are continuously seeking software developers as we build a product suite to automate and streamline business operations and improve experiences for our customers. SkipQ’s trained engineers passed our hiring bar. We look forward to hiring SkipQ trainees again!" - Abdul Rehman Malik, CTO - Roomy.pk.

Who trains the developers?

Our instructors have PhDs from top-tier universities in USA, Australia and Pakistan.

Instructors are paired with coaches who are senior developers in Google, AWS, Microsoft and Salesforce.

What’s covered in the training?

Multi-region web application on AWS deployed using CDK. Build and deploy code using Code Pipelines. Lambda functions implement business logic.

Cloudwatch APIs publish application business metrics. DynamoDB stores application performance metrics. SNS notifications triggered from CloudWatch metrics.

API Gateway frontends the web application. Dockerized API clients test application. Code and documentation version controlled on GitHub.

What language is used and can I get full-stack developers?

Python is used to develop the web application. Our developers have a functional understanding of javascript and typescript. You will have to do onboarding specific to your web development stack on the job

Can my existing developers take the training?

Yes. Contact us.

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