What is different
about SkipQ

Our Training Pillars

We teach you the art of Learning how to learn

We recognize that not all technical skills can be taught in just 12 weeks. So we also teach you how to optimally learn new skills.

You don’t learn by listening, you learn by doing

Practice active learning where you are the owner of the learning process.

We maximize peer learning

Learn collaboratively with others in a cohort-based training environment.

We simulate the industry environment

Our training mimics the real life of a software engineer. We run weekly sprints, track progress through daily stand-ups, and conclude with demos and retrospective.

We train using a project-centric approach

We structure our training around a central project that you build on over 12 weeks.

We upskill you in both technical and soft-skills

We teach collaboration through teamwork and code reviews. You will receive regular feedback from instructors on communication skills with respect to daily stand-ups, weekly project presentations, email and documentation writing.

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Our Instructors

people in our team

Our Coaches